The Coyote Way : Going Back Home

, par  Missy WHITEMAN

A film project by Missy Whiteman (Northern Arapahoe & Kickapoo Nations)

The Coyote Way : (Going) Back Home is a short sci‐fi/docu-narritive film about a young boy named Charlie, who must make a life changing decision to join a Native street gang or begin an epic pilgrimage that will reveal the truth of his existence.

Coyote represents the deepest darkness that lives within. He is the spirit that rides on the wilds of our dreams, unfurled by the wind. He is the laughter and the joy of new life.

Trickster stories are some of the most popular and important cultural teachings In Native American stories, today and yesterday. Coyote’s escapades have been passed down from generation to generation by elders and story tellers, each story giving him renewed life in imaginations and dreams. He is an illusionist and shape shifter, who has the ability to transform into a man, animal or spirit. Coyote’s adventures communicate both the successes and missteps of humanity, giving us the answers that we seek when we are afraid, when we have lost our way, or when we are seeking wisdom to keep us in alignment with the natural world.

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